Mehron Paradise Makeup Aq 40G Face & Body Paint (White) by mehron

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Paradise Make Up AQ – a luxurious high quality water-activated cake make up, created with a unique blend of ingredients; Aloe and Chamomile to make it gentle for the skin; Glycerin, Avocado oil and Cocoa Butter to provide vibrant colors, saturated coverage, a beautiful creamy texture and wonderful aroma.Used by professionals as a face paint/body paint/stage make up/special fx and for special occasions that require highly pigmented bold colors and a high quality finish.This is the professional size (40gm/1.4oz) in a sleek durable black plastic case with lid which is enough for at least 80-100 applications. Make Up Artists/Body Painters from all over the world use Paradise Make Up AQ to create everything from cute little butterflies to tigers to spiderman to crazy psychedelic full bodied alien creatures and everything in-between. Paradise Make Up AQ take approx 30 seconds to dry. It can be removed easily with soap and water

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  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches ; 1.6 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces

Customer Reviews

Absolute perfect color for my Amethyst (from Steven Universe) cosplay

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 on August 3, 2016
By Stephanie Begovich
Absolute perfect color for my Amethyst (from Steven Universe) cosplay, easy application, pretty decent last (considering i live in a part of TX where it’s always humid and it smells so good i could almost eat it.

Pretty good!

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 on February 4, 2016
By Kateri Drewes
Lots of stay-power. It stayed on even 5 hours after application. It did leave a stain on the tips of my fingers and inside of my ears that took a few days to get off. As long as the makeup was dry there was zero smearing or wear. (If you wear it when it’s rainy or you are sweaty, the results may differ).

and the size is great, I can do 50+ white full face skulls …

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 on January 12, 2016
By Socorro
I am a licensed face painter, and the size is great, I can do 50+ white full face skulls with just this one. The quality great, comes on smooth and washes off with water. Great for Halloween or if you do face painting, won’t crack or feel heavy, kids forget they even have it on.

Awesome paint!

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 on September 26, 2015
By Jesse Redman
Bought this paint for an Amethyst cosplay from Steven Universe. Perfect color and looks wonderful on skin. Would recommend to anyone.

I’d recommend practicing before you need to actually use it

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 on November 8, 2016
By skyylab
Definitely make sure to apply somewhere between 5-10 coats if you want a solid look and make sure to account for how much time it takes to get to that look. It will more than likely take longer than anticipated. I’d recommend practicing before you need to actually use it. Also make sure each coat dries completely before applying the next one. If you are in a rush, use a blow dryer on the cool setting to prevent cracking. To apply I would wet the brush/pad I was using with water and then cover it with the paint. Only downfall I seemed to have is that it can rub off when dry if you are constantly touching it or rubbing against something. I’d recommend using a sealer to spray over after you are done applying. (Don’t know if it will work completely as I haven’t tried but I’ve done it for other makeup so I don’t see why not.) Also I was worried one wouldn’t be enough as I was covering almost my whole body but one worked great and still have enough left over to do a lot more.

Stays Put, Just Don’t Get IT Wet!

 on January 26, 2017
By Cherryb6mb
Overall, this is a pretty great product. It goes on very smoothly with the right sponge, and only needs about 2 or 3 quick layers to be opaque. Once it dries, you can rub your face with your fingers, and it will barely budge with little to no rub-off. Magical. The huge downside is that, no matter what I finished it with, ANY amount of liquid will cause it to instantly run or rub off. I did a skull pattern on my face for a cosplay with the Mehron Paradise Black/White, and the black got into my waterline (my fault) and caused the corner of my eye to freak out (I have sensitive eyes). It ended up dripping all day in that corner, and that slight amount of liquid kept removing any amount of black/white paint in the corner. Aside from this though, if it doesn’t get wet, it will stay on all day without fail, just make sure you put on a primer to control oil and you’re golden.

Great for Hellboy

 on April 23, 2017
By Nicole Karnes
I purchased this to use for a Hellboy cosplay. It was a little darker than expected but I did make it work. Went on smoothly and came off pretty well (I did have staining on my elbows and the cracks in my hands, scrubbed and scrubbed but it wouldn’t come off. Been a week and still have some on my left elbow)

Lives up to Mehron superior quality! Best water based body paint there is!

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 on November 1, 2015
By Jennifer
I (as others) used this colour for a Sally costume, and it is *perfect*. I’ve used Mehron in the past (and I love it), and this one does not disappoint. It has wonderful staying power, all on its own. It has great coverage, especially considering it’s a water based paint. Covers smoothly, and the colour is brilliant. It stayed on all day (including walking miles, riding the bus for several hours, and tending/picking up small children). The same can be said of all Mehron paint, though. This definitely lives up to the superior quality I’ve come to expect from Mehron paint!

I used this to dress up as Ursula the Sea …

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 on February 6, 2016
By avidthinker
I used this to dress up as Ursula the Sea Witch for Halloween. I was purple from head to toe, and I didn’t even use up the container. The only flaw is that the product will run if it gets wet, so don’t use it if you’re going to be walking through heavy rain.

Great product!

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 on November 2, 2016
By Stefanie B
LOVE this product! Easy to use. Dampen a makeup sponge to activate makeup & apply. More water > thinner & lighter. Less water > thicker & darker. Used it for face/neck/chest/arms/hands for my 8th grade daughter’s Ursula costume. Applied for a dance & trick or treating. After about 15 minutes it dries and is long wearing. Did not smear or wear off. Was easy to remove in shower. Would definitely buy again if ever needed. Still have well over half of container left.