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Edge Rainbow Hair Chalks | Temporary Hair Coloring Chalk – The Original Hair Color Chalk Blendable Colors – Lasts 3 days Brand New Edge Hair Chalk Stix. Rainbow colors all blend into one another creating so many different looks. New Hair Chalk Cream Technology Self Seals in 60 seconds. No need for hair spray. Sets quick and no mess. Each Tube rolls up the vibrant blendable Rainbow color and rubs on hair smoothly. All colors blend. Scented so hair smells great like, Red Strawberry,Orange Orange,Yellow Lemon,Green Apple,Blue Blueberry,and Purple Lavender. Finally a hair chalk that doesn't get all over your hands. Very vibrant You can curl or flat iron hair with color. Edge Hair Stix are semi permanent and will stay in hair for up to three days. You will receive. Change your colors as often as you change your mood. Safe for hair and skin. Non Toxic. Blend one color into another to achieve a blended look. Over 80 Applications Per Stick. Just color into hair and brush. Color will set all on it's own. You can curl or flat iron hair with color. Blend as many colors into hair as you like. Blend one color into another to achieve a blended look. Temporary Color and Semi Permanent hair color. Colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Blue, and Purple.

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  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 1 x 6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • ASIN: B00LNI4428
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Customer Reviews

No mess, bright color stays all day, easy out

32 people found this helpful.
 on October 16, 2015
By T. Brown
These are great. We tried hair chalk and way too messy. Bought by a mom for a 4 yr old girl. Mainly for Halloween hair color but we also used it for Crazy hair day at school. No mess. Easy to apply. Stays in all day. Washes out at night with no effort. Have seen no transfer into headphones, clothes, car seat… Really awesome, bright colors

Hint: These are awesome

16 people found this helpful.
 on January 21, 2016
By Bryan Crowers
So this hair “chalk” is great. It’s kinda more a crayon in texture than a chalk but that’s honestly why it’s better. It’s self sealing so unlike other chalks I’ve used it didn’t run all over the place or change the color of my sink trying to put it in.

Great value – works well on light hair

4 people found this helpful.
 on September 27, 2016
By Caroline S
Great value for kids (or adults!) who want a bit of color for a day (don’t sleep with this in your hair unless you want colorful pillows!!). My 4 year old is crazy about rainbows and wanted to dye her hair. I wasn’t really up for that so compromised on this and she was very pleased with the results. I think it helps that she has light hair, the color came up quickly and didn’t make her hair stiff when brushed through. She did go under the sprinkler with it in her hair and it ended up all over her shirt but it washed out. I’ll get lots more uses out of this so excellent value.

Works well for a subtle color on brown hair!

3 people found this helpful.
 on May 25, 2016
By Sofia Chang
As good as it gets without spending $$$ for a full dyed hair! I have brown dark hair and wasn’t sure if the color will show. The more you rub it in, the brighter it gets (see top pic)! The color stays and blends pretty wel (bottom right pic)! It feels like a mix between chalk and wax. Once it sets it feels like hair with gel, a bit stiff. For example, at the bottom left pic you can see my hair all over the place but still holding some shape after some headbanging. It may get into clothing and whatnot so I don’t recommend sleeping on light colored bedding or wearing light colored shirts. When applying it, I’d recommend wearing gloves, and having a surface to rub against. I used my face (straightened hair against face and traced my hair with the color pens) and also a piece of paper over cardboard. Both work very well. As a bonus, the colors also show well on skin (check out my little rainbow cheek blush in the pics). I have quite some hair so I will probably need to get two boxes to do my whole head if I want it bright.

Easy to apply, bright colors.

 on July 12, 2016
By kim2014
I used these to put blue and purple in my hair on one side of my bangs. It was easy to get the color in, and it did make my hair sticky, but I just combed it a lot, then put a little baby powder in it. Now it feels like I have hairspray in. The colors are vibrant and I got multiple compliments on my hair today.

Exactly what I was looking for!

 on October 31, 2016
By Amazon Customer
This product worked extremely well. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to apply and how vibrant the colors were. I applied this to my daughters hair for our Halloween party and let her sleep with it in her hair to see what it would look like for Halloween the next day, and it looked almost the exact same as it did the first day. I touched it up and it looked great the entire time trick or treating. When it came time to wash out, it came out extremely easily and didn’t leave any stains anywhere. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Pretty good choice for just a day

 on March 10, 2017
By charlie
Very cute – last 1 shampoo. It does not stick out very well on dark hair but it goes on very easily. Easy to get out as well.

Fun! Easy to use

3 people found this helpful.
 on December 20, 2015
By Karen S
Fun! Easy to use, great blending effects. Texture is about halfway between a crayon and lipstick, not at all powdery like chalk. Color adheres to the hair yet washes right out.

Stayed in her hair for days (though of course colors …

 on March 10, 2017
By Holly C.
Stayed in her hair for days (though of course colors blended some & softened after the first day or two). DId not notice it rubbing off onto anything.