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Top 12 Top Coat Nail Polish & Price List

When getting a manicure or giving one, you want to make sure that you’re using the right products and the right application techniques at each stage of this process. Laying a good foundation with a solid base coat will ensure lasting results. This will also protect the skin from any of the many chemicals that might be used for aesthetic purposes near the end of the manicure. The final finishing touch comes with the application of nail […]

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Top 12 Base Coat Nail Polish & Price List

To create fabulous results at home or in the salon, you need to have a solid application technique. This is why many manicurists always start with durable nail base coats. These lay the foundation for a beautiful and enduring look. In some instances, they can even protect the nail from the chemicals that the top coats might contain. Some providers start by conditioning the beds of the fingernails. This primes them for the application process and helps […]

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