Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover (Powerful & Corded)

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NEW – Powerful Corded Micro-Pedi Callus Remover by Emjoi.

The new corded Emjoi Micro-Pedi is electrically-operated, super powerful and performs with extreme strength every time.

Engineered with a more powerful motor and a better ergonomic design than other Micro-Pedi models.

Emjoi's Micro-Pedi Foot Buffer is the world's best-selling pedicure kit.

Unique roller spins 360°, at an amazing 30 times a second, to gently and effectively buff away hard, jagged skin without the hassle of constant rubbing. It features 2 speeds and gives salon quality results in seconds. No batteries needed.

Save time and money and get better results than a salon pedicure!

*Ground-breaking device takes the chore out of smoothing skin on the feet

*Gently and effectively buffs away dead, calloused, hard and dry skin in seconds

*Unique roller with micro mineral particles pulverizes dead skin in an instant

*Safer and more effective than metal scrapers, which use blades to cut the skin

*Easier to use than other methods, that require constant rubbing

*Salon results in seconds

*Two speeds

*Rubberized grip

*Electrically-operated with International Travel Power Cord from 100V to 240V


This unit is very powerful. Gently rotate (back and forth or side to side) over the callous/corn/hard skin area for 2-3 seconds. Stop and check if you achieved the softness you desire. If not, go over the area for 2-3 more seconds and check again. Continue to use this method until the level of smoothness is obtained. Over use may result cause bleeding or injury.

Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

*International Travel Power Cord from 100V to 240V

Product Details

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  • ASIN: B008PJZXT6
  • UPC: 791268030648
  • Item model number: AP-3Corded

Customer Reviews

This is one of the Best investments of less than $40 I have made

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 on July 10, 2015
By S. Dotson
This is one of the Best investments of less than $40 I have made.

Fast shipping and works great

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 on October 29, 2014
By BusyGirl Clover
I ordered this on Friday and it arrived on Wed, so fast shipping. I couldn’t wait to use this callus remover/smoother. I have tried so many things from pumice stones to files to battery powered callus removers. Nothing has put a dent in my heel calluses, I run and walk a lot and am always barefoot in my house. In fact in the last couple of years my heels have started cracking, very painful. Anyway, couldn’t wait to try this electric powered callus remover. It’s great, my feet have not felt this smooth for years. I can’t wait to use it again. I have great hope that my calluses are a thing of the past. I would recommend ordering extra rollers, I wish I had ordered more than 2.. It has taken 2 of the 3 to get my calluses smooth. Maybe I won’t wear down the rollers maintaining my new smooth feet. I would highly recomment this corded callus remover. It has the power you need to remove th calluses.

Get rid of those crusty heels b/c nobody wants to see them!!

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 on April 10, 2015
By T. Counts
I tried a rechargeable callus remover and it was horrible! It lasted only 2 charges then died. I debated and read reviews for several months before buying this one. I love it! You must not think your crusty heels will look beautiful with one use. It took months or years to get crusty and it will take several uses to get un-crusty. I use it longer than the directions say with no problem but if I use it too long in one spot it is red and sore the next day so you must pay mind to this. I also use the extra extra course rollers (the green ones) because I let my heals go to almost crusty. Use it a couple of times a week to get into shape then weekly or 2 weeks for maintenance. It really gets the job done and is far far better than a battery powered or rechargeable.

Best Results I’ve Ever Had For My Truly Rough and Scaly Tootsies

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 on December 12, 2014
By M Ricci
Mrs. Ricci here.

Doesn’t hurt at all and does remove the callouses! Win!

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 on August 30, 2014
By Buttercup
So, I read the reviews before I bought it. A number of reviewers said it took one shot and their feet were perfect!

A quick, easy, and safe way to have better feet.

 on April 1, 2014
By Paige Terner
This baby spins. It’s kinda of like using finishing sandpaper on wood – it makes the surface smooth and silky. At first I considered the battery operated model but after research and further thought, the electric one made more sense because it would have continuous and even power and not need to have batteries replaced. So, the slightly higher price of the electric model was offset by the cost of future batteries. Now, it’s even fun to pretty up my feet, if that is even possible on old feet that have worn too many high heels and flip flops – and the finished product is a lot better.

As a guy with deep callouses from working I seriously love this thing.

 on July 11, 2017
By Timothy
Ok, I’m a guy and this thing is addictive lol. Just to sit and watch the skin from calloused feet fall to the towel I use to catch skin is therapeutic lol. Anyways, this thing works awesome! I purchased the extreme coarse rollers and, while it takes a little time, this thing works so much better than a file or those pedi-egg things.

Very Happy with my purchase!

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 on March 25, 2015
By Cynthia M. Perry
I’m extremely rough on my feet. I walk barefoot most of the summer, half of the spring and fall. I’ve never had a pedicure, mainly because my feet were so embarrassing. I had horrible cracks on my heels and dry flaky skin on my toes. I have tried all the over the counter creams, ointments and lotions. They temporarily made it look better, but nothing touched the years of abuse. Needless to say, I was skeptical. I’m writing this for all you feet abusers that would rather die than get a professional pedicure…. This thing is a miracle worker. After the first treatment the difference was UNBELIEVABLE. I’ve used it 3 days in a row now, afterwards using Badger Foot Balm (which I tried using alone, with no difference) and putting on socks. Holy smokes… I’m ecstatic! Best money I ever spent! They look and feel beautiful, for the first time in years! Definitely recommend. I also bought the extra rollers in extreme course , FYI. I’ve been using the extreme course one for the last three days. 🙂

I love this tool

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 on November 3, 2014
I love this tool! While I read many complaints about it not being powerful enough, it is unreasonable to have a tool more powerful that could actually harm your skin. I use it on my feet, legs, arms and elbows. You have to constantly clean the bar while using this tool for the first time on dry skin; get a toothbrush and while the machine is on, take the toothbrush and hold it against the bar to get the flakes off. If you think you still need more ‘power’, purchase a more course bar to replace the one that comes with the unit. Make sure you use this on clean, dry skin only. Using it on skin that has been moisturized will gunk up the bar. As frequently as I use it, I recommend purchasing the electric vs. the battery operated otherwise you’ll spend a fortune on batteries. Highly recommend!