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Gel Remover is used to remove eyelash extensions. Clients should be sitting up when this product is applied to avoid running into the eyes. Gel Remover effectively breaks down the bonds of the adhesive. Allow gel to sit approximately 3-5 minutes before attempting to remove the extension from the natural lash.

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Customer Reviews

Recommend 🙂

11 people found this helpful.
 on December 15, 2016
By Nassi
I use the blink Gel remover on the ardell lashtite glue….

Love it!!!!!

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 on February 27, 2016
I have a nova lash brand remover and I defiantly like this product better and it is a fraction of the cost of. I am not a person that leaves reviews often. It’s a gel so when u put it on it stays to soak into the glue and removes way faster then the $75 bottle I had before this….!!!! Love love it!!!


One person found this helpful.
 on May 9, 2017
By J Antunes
When I tell you this product is amazing it is absolutely phenomenal. I bought this lash glue remover in hopes of it working better than the glue remover that came with the Ardell Starter Lash Kit. Boy did this glue remover exceed my expectations! All I did was put a very small amount of the Lash remover on a Q-tip, dabbed it on top of the false lashes, waited 5 minutes and they came right off. I didn’t have to use anything but THIS glue remover and I did not lose any of my lashes. I saw some product reviews that stated that this product burned​ their eye or their skin and I did not experience that personally, but I was very careful applying this glue remover to my lashes by using a Q-tip and making sure I did only apply it to the lashes and not the Lash line or the eyelid. I highly recommend this product it works amazing!

It worked

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 on January 12, 2017
By Miss Od
I had so much of that black glue on that I knew I had to order something strong to get them out and keep my normal eyelashes. It took like 30 minutes of applying and reapplying and slowly getting each set of eyelashes off. A couple of times when I felt my eye starting to sting I would just put some water on it and it was good to go. Definitely does the job and will use again.


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 on September 20, 2016
By OCmom
Wonderful! Instead of paying $25 to get your lashes removed, use this! Do one eye at a time with a q tip. Put the solution on both ends of the q tip because you won’t be able to open that eye. Takes about 20 seconds if you keep pressing the q tip. Wash with soap and water and that’s it! Wish I would have bought this years ago.

Took my professional extensions right off!!

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 on February 1, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Worth every penny. I have had professional eyelash extensions on for a few months but could no longer afford them, but couldnt bear to pay $50 to have them removed. I tried some of the BS pinterest ideas to steam and use oil. Nope, didnt work AT ALL. I even bought an individual lash remover from Sally’s and a few came off, but not without damage. I tried this, let it sit for a min, held a tissue under my eye then used a spoolie to brush them off, and POOF! Off they came! I was very careful and didn’t experience any burning. I didnt use much, so I will definitely hang on to this if I ever need it again!

Freedom in a bottle.

One person found this helpful.
 on May 19, 2017
By Buoyoncé
You know you’ve made mistakes when – despite the many, many warning labels about NOT getting this stuff in your eyes or even on your skin – you [very carefully] glom it on your cheap tab lash extensions anyway. Five stars because I was just so relieved to be free. I do wish out came in a smaller *cheaper* size.

I have my eyes back!

One person found this helpful.
 on December 29, 2016
By Cindy Love
Works great! Deserves 5 stars on performance & the only reason I gave 4 stars is because there was absolutely zero instructions on the package or the bottle itself. Props for clearly listing what NOT to do on both though, seller was amazing with spot on shipping time, & I love amazon as always….so end result is a very happy me! (Get with it Blink & include some directions) 😀

Amazing! This took my lash extensions right off

 on July 17, 2017
By Areen
Amazing! This took my lash extensions right off. I had a nightmare of a story. Decided to get my lashes done for my birthday and bought a groupon for a full mink set from a salon that had pretty good reviews. An hour and a half later im handed the mirror and i was horrified at how they came out. Super shiney plasticy long and sparce and there was so much glue it was so clumpy near the lash line and very noticable. I looked like a clown and was very upset. I tried removing them with different types of organic oils which didnt work and tried to pick them off myself which resulted in losing my own natural lashes. I ordered this on prime and followed other users suggestion of placing a paper towel inbetween the lashes and closing my eye just like they do at the salon and used an eyeliner brush to apply it. It was like magic with in seconds i started seeing the extension smoothly slide off on to the paper towel. Not even 5 minutes later i was lash extension free. It did not burn and i did not get any allergic reaction. I rinsed off my face with cold water and viola all done. I wish i woulda ordered this right away it woulda saved a lot of my natural lashes that i lost while picking off the extensions. 5 stars! so if ur looking for a lash extension remover def give this a try.